Welcome to the Religious Society of Friends (Evangelical Quakers), the Quaker website for those interested in Christian Unprogrammed Quakerism. Evangelical Quakers is a reconciling church website, and I seek to be very open to people of all genders and sexual orientations. This Quaker website has been built for Born Again Trinitarian Christians and for Non-Christians that are very strongly interested in becoming Born Again Trinitarian Evangelical Quakers. In addition, I openly accept and affirm celibate and monogamy practising Christians of all genders and sexual orientations, and I do not ask each person to change their gender or sexual orientation, but I ask each person to live a holy and moral life. In addition to this, I believe in the Trinity - in the Unity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; in the Inspiration of the Christian Scriptures - the Old and New Testament; in the Humanity and Divinity of Christ; in the reality of Sin and the need for Salvation; in the redeeming work of Christ in his Life and on the Cross at Calvary; in the resurrection of Christ; and in the Coming of Christ in the Midst of His People in the silence of a Evangelical Unprogrammed Quaker Meeting for Worship. I do not believe in the literal, outward, and futuristic End-time events found in the Book of Revelation and Elsewhere in the Bible. (See the Advices and Queries in the Book of Discipline of the Yearly Meeting of Christian Friends (Evangelical Quakers) on this Quaker website). This Quaker website is not affiliated to any other Quaker webpage or website. There are no Evangelical Unprogrammed Quaker Meetings for Worship in New Zealand at the present time. If you would like to start a Evangelical Unprogrammed Quaker Meeting for Worship  in your own home, and which is made up of vocal prayer and Bible study, the singing of famous hymns, and of contemporary praise and worship songs and choruses accompanied by maybe a guitar player, as well as waiting upon God the Heavenly Father through the spirit of Christ in silent prayer with opportunity for any man or woman, to speak, pray, or read from the Bible as led by him, you may do so by contacting the webmaster at evangelicalquakers@hotmail.com. Webmaster of Evangelicalquakers.com.  

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